The Disadvantages of Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printers are some of the most popular printers both commercially and domestically, but they do have a number of disadvantages that people need to be aware of before deciding to use inkjet printing as their preferred method of print reproduction.

The 5 Main Disadvantages of Inkjet Printing

There are five main disadvantages of inkjet printing cost, technology, print lifetime, product care and inkjet clogging  . These are addressed individually below:

Inkjet Ink is Expensive

The ink used in inkjet printers is extremely expensive and in many instances costs over $3000 per litre. This has been exasperated by the fact that there is very little transparency within the ink manufacturing industry and there have often been accusations of price collusion in the industry. There have already been a number of inconclusive fair trade investigations, but to date this has not had any effect and according to an accusation made by Which? magazine there is still no industry standard when it comes to the measuring of ink cartridge performance.

Inkjet Technology is Fallible

Most inkjet printers use so called “intelligent” ink cartridges that can communicate with the printer about a number of variables, including ink levels. These have a fairly common tendency to “miscommunicate” with the printer and give the false impression that there is little or no ink available for the printer to use. This causes the printer to display an error message and in many cases will not allow the print process to happen. It does not allow the printing process to occur as a form of protection to prevent people from using refilled inkjet cartridges.

Print Lifetime is Relatively Short

Because inkjet printers use aqueous ink the lifetime of the prints that they make is shorter than that of most other printing processes. This problem can be alleviated through the use of expensive UV-resistant ink. There are also now machines that use what is called “archival inks” that extend the life of the prints even further.

Printer Care is of the Utmost Importance

Inkjet printers cannot be moved often as this can expose the inkjets to water or moisture which will cause print reproductions to smudge, blur or run.

Please Note! Water-based highlighter markers will also smudge and blur inkjet-prints and should never be used at any times with these documents.

Inkjet Nozzles are Prone to Clogging

Inkjet nozzles are extremely narrow and this makes them prone to clogging. This means that they regularly have to be cleaned either by the user or the machine itself, but this causes and extremely high ink wastage level.


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