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Frank Pendley arrived in 1907 and established squatter’s rights at this creekside spot. During warm months he worked the land and spent winters further south, mining and trapping bobcats. By 1910 he had figured out how to create a unique irrigation system with a series of tunnels blasted through solid rock and flumes suspended by cables. He filed for ownership of the land under the Homestead Act and built a small cabin.

Then he set out to become a stationary version of Johnny Appleseed, planting and tending orchards in the meadows above the creek. He experimented with several varieties of apples over the years. Red delicious thrived so that became the mainstay.

In 1921, Pendley married Jane Hutchinson from another homestead in the canyon. Their house still stands, along with an apple-packing barn and a handful of tourist cabins built in 1933 because Slide Rock was a draw even back then.Slip sliding away

Of course, Du lich phong nha I get Slide Rock’s popularity in the ‘30s. Those were hard times. Nice to be able to forget them for a while by taking a swim in a clear-running stream. Somehow Slide Rock’s popularity has only grown over the ensuing decades. The Pendley family continued to operate the farm until 1985 when they sold the property to the Arizona Parklands Foundation, which in turn sold it to Arizona State Parks.

People come from all over to this unusual spot where the stone banks throttle the creek into a narrow frothy chute creating a natural water slide 80 feet long with a seven percent drop from top to bottom. Algae on the rocks enhance the slipperiness. Nearby the creek widens forming channels and pools of varying depths, perfect for wading, swimming and cliff jumping.

On summer days, kids and grownups alike ping-pong through the slide one after another. Downstream there’s such a barrage of cannonballs it sounds like we’ve declared war on trout. All along the stony banks, folks sit in groups or stretch out on towels relaxing in the sun. In an arid landscape, water steals our hearts.

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