HPE further protects systems against service disruption and risk

Intelligent Infrastructure

HPE Primera leverages the industry’s most advanced AI platform for operations, HPE InfoSight, to deliver significant breakthroughs – including 93% less time spent on managing storage [2] , the ability to predict and prevent issues, and accelerate application performance. HPE Primera lets organizations innovate without compromise, with the resiliency and performance businesses need combined with the agility of the cloud.

The integration of HPE Primera in the composable portfolio allows HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack customers to benefit from:

Agility and faster time-to-marketDevelop and deploy applications faster with infrastructure as code to automate and streamline resource management, including reduced time to deploy for Oracle databases by 89 percent [3] .Eliminate disruptions and wasted time reacting to problems with the AI-driven full-stack intelligence.Enable self-sufficiency and eliminate lag time with provisioning requests.

Extreme resiliencyThrough cloud-based machine learning and AI, HPE InfoSight in HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Synergy, and HPE Primera storage, predicts and prevents problems before they occur.Mission-critical reliability is built into HPE Primera, which is architected for high availability with its multi-node design, transparent business continuity with HPE Peer Persistence, and data replication—backed by the HPE Primera 100 percent data availability guarantee.HPE further protects systems against service disruption and risk, with its silicon root of trust that prevents system boots with compromised firmware; and Cyber Catalyst designation that provides enhanced terms and conditions on cyber insurance policies.

Seamless dynamic scalingHPE composable offerings allow organizations to compose disaggregated resources on demand and non-disruptively.The seamless auto-discover and -configuration capabilities enable incremental scale and integration of resources.The instant visibility into how resources are consumed by applications improves insights for capacity planning.

Through the unique combination of intelligence and composability, HPE provides an intelligent cloud foundation that unites the IT environment with a common software-defined and AI-driven operating model that can be optionally delivered as a Service via HPE GreenLake to align costs with consumption.

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