How about the theatre on the casino land? Nice asset to downtown

Several people contacted The Gazette after news that Kirkwood Community College dropped plans for its campus to be the new home for Old Creamery Theatre, a not-for-profit professional theater founded in Garrison in 1971 and based in Amana since 1988.

Don Primus said, “How about the theatre on the casino land? Nice asset to downtown.”

Several people advocated leaving the land as is, or turn it into some sort of park.

Josh Kissling: “Why are people obsessed with putting things in? Just let it be an open space.”

Nikki Dietze: “community gardens. dog park. open green space.”


Janay Carson: “Dog park. All of the others are outside of town and it would be nice to have one in town. Could add a regular park area as well.”Targeted housing

Wayne White: “How about an affordable housing complex for seniors and disabled?”

Vivian Masters: “Homes for homeless veterans and others. Small, affordable, on site health center, psych staff, and whatever help they need.”

Diana Stromer: “How about a tiny housing community for the homeless? That is a big issue and is becoming bigger! Have on site laundry and counseling. Would be a big improvement for the city!”

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