Hugh Broughton unveils Clifford’s Tower plans

The project for English Heritage will improve visitor facilities inside the ruined keep which dates back to the thirteenth century.

The practice , which is working with conservation specialists Martin Ashley Architects, won the job back in January 2015.

A timber structure will be installed to partially cover the ruin and provide a viewing space at roof level, while suspended metal walkways will give access to the buildings first floor level.

The structure of the new additions will rest on pad foundations designed to spread the loads without impacting on the archaeology of the tower.

A new single-storey visitor centre, which sits in the tower’s motte, will include an orientation space, shop, café, kiosk, and staff offices and facilities. 

Clifford’s Tower is the largest surviving structure from the medieval royal castle of York which was an important seat of government of the North of England in the Middle Ages.

It was built on top of a tall earthen mound in the mid Thirteenth Century and was ruined by fire in 1684 and has stood roofless ever since. The mound is thought to have been created during the reign of William the Conqueror.

Jeremy Ashbee, Head Curator of Properties at English Heritage said: ‘We are investing in one of York’s most iconic landmarks to tell the fascinating history of Clifford’s Tower and its place in the city for generations to come in a way that’s never been told before. Getting an insight from the public will help us in reaching a decision on how we make these improvements to one of York’s most famous and beautiful landmarks. We want to make this a better experience for visitors and staff and we are keen to have the input of York’s residents.’

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How about the theatre on the casino land? Nice asset to downtown

Several people contacted The Gazette after news that Kirkwood Community College dropped plans for its campus to be the new home for Old Creamery Theatre, a not-for-profit professional theater founded in Garrison in 1971 and based in Amana since 1988.

Don Primus said, “How about the theatre on the casino land? Nice asset to downtown.”

Several people advocated leaving the land as is, or turn it into some sort of park.

Josh Kissling: “Why are people obsessed with putting things in? Just let it be an open space.”

Nikki Dietze: “community gardens. dog park. open green space.”


Janay Carson: “Dog park. All of the others are outside of town and it would be nice to have one in town. Could add a regular park area as well.”Targeted housing

Wayne White: “How about an affordable housing complex for seniors and disabled?”

Vivian Masters: “Homes for homeless veterans and others. Small, affordable, on site health center, psych staff, and whatever help they need.”

Diana Stromer: “How about a tiny housing community for the homeless? That is a big issue and is becoming bigger! Have on site laundry and counseling. Would be a big improvement for the city!”

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HPE further protects systems against service disruption and risk

Intelligent Infrastructure

HPE Primera leverages the industry’s most advanced AI platform for operations, HPE InfoSight, to deliver significant breakthroughs – including 93% less time spent on managing storage [2] , the ability to predict and prevent issues, and accelerate application performance. HPE Primera lets organizations innovate without compromise, with the resiliency and performance businesses need combined with the agility of the cloud.

The integration of HPE Primera in the composable portfolio allows HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack customers to benefit from:

Agility and faster time-to-marketDevelop and deploy applications faster with infrastructure as code to automate and streamline resource management, including reduced time to deploy for Oracle databases by 89 percent [3] .Eliminate disruptions and wasted time reacting to problems with the AI-driven full-stack intelligence.Enable self-sufficiency and eliminate lag time with provisioning requests.

Extreme resiliencyThrough cloud-based machine learning and AI, HPE InfoSight in HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Synergy, and HPE Primera storage, predicts and prevents problems before they occur.Mission-critical reliability is built into HPE Primera, which is architected for high availability with its multi-node design, transparent business continuity with HPE Peer Persistence, and data replication—backed by the HPE Primera 100 percent data availability guarantee.HPE further protects systems against service disruption and risk, with its silicon root of trust that prevents system boots with compromised firmware; and Cyber Catalyst designation that provides enhanced terms and conditions on cyber insurance policies.

Seamless dynamic scalingHPE composable offerings allow organizations to compose disaggregated resources on demand and non-disruptively.The seamless auto-discover and -configuration capabilities enable incremental scale and integration of resources.The instant visibility into how resources are consumed by applications improves insights for capacity planning.

Through the unique combination of intelligence and composability, HPE provides an intelligent cloud foundation that unites the IT environment with a common software-defined and AI-driven operating model that can be optionally delivered as a Service via HPE GreenLake to align costs with consumption.

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On The Internet Tax Prep Work – Preparing Income Tax Return

Prep work of tax returns should be done very carefully, due to the fact that the tax obligation payer is in charge of every single word written on the income tax return although it is prepared by an expert. The preparer needs to have the ability to offer you with practical as well as practical tips for tax obligation conserving.

If you put real efforts in searching for one, you can find a reliable tax preparer online only.

Check while employing tax preparer online

There are certain things that one need to comply with when hiring an individual or a firm for online tax obligation preparation:

Legitimately speaking, the expert preparer should authorize the returns to form in the preparer areas. He/she needs to equip the identification number on the return. He or she must give a copy of the go back to the tax obligation payer.

The preparer must be really exact with completing your information. Your personal information together with your registration number needs to be discussed properly.

The tax preparer should be effective in on the internet accountancy.
Do not sign on blank income tax return create ever before and also do not utilize a pencil for finalizing as the signature can be quickly removed, and also your trademark replaced.

You ought to offer any type of notices and reimbursement checks that you might have received from your lawyer to the tax preparer for preparing the returns.
Online accounting is something that your tax preparer should be effective in.

The tax obligation preparer ought to be effectively certified and also experienced for his/her task since every single word she or he creates in return from is reviewed by the tax collection authorities, and there is every possibility of the tax obligation payer being penalized for terms that are obscure or seem to be undependable.

Online Tax Preparation Refine

Tax preparation needs to be done with a great deal of caution as each, and also every word stated in the tax obligation returns form is the duty of the taxpayer, even though it might be prepared by an additional individual, a professional or a firm Tax preparer . He/She should load out the kind with clear and trustworthy declarations and also must authorize the tax obligation returns create anywhere appropriate.

He/She needs to fill in the locations on the tax return form where the preparer’s information is required. Details like identification number should be plainly equipped on the form as well as should be authorized. The person must not leave any type of blank locations. The details of the taxpayer provided on the returns form ought to be exact. It is obligatory for equipping the registration number of the taxpayer. The tax preparer must have the ability to provide easy-to-implement tax obligation conserving tips, as well as he/she must be skilled at on the internet bookkeeping as well as accounting. Any notices and refund checks, if obtained from an attorney, need to be furnished to the tax preparer. On the whole, preparation of income tax return declarations needs to be performed in a very mindful manner as errors could cost the taxpayer a whole lot.

That are available to accomplish the research

Human Study Procedure: Where appropriate (as, for example, plans in the Human Nutrition National Program) should document their compliance with regulations and policies regarding the use of human subjects.

Laboratory Hazards

Occupational Safety and Health

Recombinant DNA Procedures: The IBC license number must be included in the project plan if there is work with recombinant DNA.

Intellectual Property Issues (see details in Appendix 8)

Existing Specific Cooperative Agreements (SCAs) (not counted in page limit) – An SCA related to the proposed Project Plan should be described in the Approach and Procedures section under the appropriate objective.   The collaboration associated with the SCA should be documented either by a letter or an appended copy of the SCA.   

Appendices (not counted in page limit) – On a new page, list appendices by page number.   Letters of collaboration are to be included in the appendix.   Include scans of collaborator letters at the end of the project plan appendices.

Physical and Human Resources(not counted in page limit) – Describe the major physical resources (i.e., facilities, major instrumentation and equipment, etc.) that are available to accomplish the research.   Show the number (FTE) of project personnel (e.g., post-docs, technicians, graduate students) available for this project. While these may not be listed elsewhere this is important for demonstrating that there are sufficient persons to accomplish the proposed work.

Vacancies in the research team should be addressed in this section with a discussion of the anticipated expertise and discipline and the expected contributions of this person to the project.


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Here’s what the people who claimed Google’s quantum supremacy have to say about it

Enlarge / Hartmut Neven, the head of Google’s Quantum AI lab, walked Ars and others through an overview of the company’s quantum computing efforts this week.

John Timmer

SANTA BARBARA, California—Early this autumn, a paper leaked on a NASA site indicating Google engineers had built and tested hardware that achieved what’s termed “quantum supremacy,” completing calculations that would be impossible on a traditional computer. The paper was quickly pulled offline, and Google remained silent, leaving the rest of us to speculate about their plans for this device and any follow-ons the company might be preparing.

That speculation ended today, as Google released the final version of the paper that had leaked. But perhaps more significantly, the company invited the press to its quantum computing lab, talked about its plans, and gave us time to chat with the researchers behind the work.The supremacy result

“I’m not going to bother explaining the quantum supremacy paper—if you were invited to come here, you probably all read the leaked paper,” quipped Hartmut Neven, the head of Google’s Quantum AI lab. But he found it hard to resist the topic entirely, and the other people who talked with reporters were more than happy to expand on Neven’s discussion.

Google’s Sergio Boixo explained the experiment in detail, describing how a random source was used to configure the gates among the qubits, after which a measurement of the system’s output was made. The process was then repeated a few million times in succession. While on a normal computer the output would be the same given the same starting configuration, qubits can have values that make their measured output probabilistic, meaning that the result of any one measurement can’t be predicted. With enough measurements, however, it’s possible to get the probability distribution.

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