What Your Wedding Flowers Mean

Flowers are one of the most important pieces in a wedding. They give a vibrant and colorful feel to your wedding. If you are about to take a walk down the aisle, strutting your way to your groom with a bouquet on hand, you should be aware that the flowers you bring might mean more than what you have in mind hoatuoishop.com . It is indeed true that the flowers you bring have a significance and meaning. So before you go on with your floral decisions with your chosen florist, try to learn exactly what a certain flower means.

In the Victorian era, it was inappropriate for a man to tell his feelings for a lady. Instead, he chooses a flower that would greatly give a flower with a special meaning to his lovely lady. In those times, the meaning of flowers was famous that a lady receiving a flower would know what a man was trying to imply to her. It was as clear as if it was a love letter written to her.

In the modern times, people were not as engaged with the flowers and their meanings. It would be really as special as your wedding if you put some importance on the flowers that you will carry. Here is a list of a few of the most admired wedding flowers and what they symbolize.


Tulips excellently compliment a spring wedding. Bringing a bouquet of tulips emphasizes a vibrant and happy wedding. Tulips bring wonderful fresh start as two lovers become one. They speak well of undying love of a couple. You can choose tulips that come in white, green and red.


Roses are one the best loved flower choices among brides. Roses may come in different colors and each one has its own distinct meaning. A bride who chooses white flowers gives an impression of innocence, elegance, sophistication, and beauty. A bouquet of bright pink roses for the bride implies a meaning of loveliness, perfection and an endless love. As for the dark pink roses, they mean an expression of gratefulness and appreciation of having one another for the rest of their lives. The most common roses of all are the red roses. Red roses are strong symbols of passion and love.


Lilies have been a constant reminder of grace and beauty. White lilies give a youthful glow. On the other hand, white lilies symbolizes purity and chaste.

In weddings, flowers set the mood for the occasion. They bring a vibrant feel to the guests and the bride. Once you have the choice of flowers. You can now go to the florist for the design you want. If you want a florist who could amazingly provide you a great flower bouquet, you could try Flowers by Topaz in New York. Flowers by Topaz is one magnificent florist who can work his way in making you the best bouquet of flowers you will ever hold. This is a flower shop wherein  is not just a task but a work of art.

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