Classic Mosaic Flooring From Yesteryear Is Enjoying A Comeback

Beloved for their old-fashioned charm, small mosaic tiles are resonating with homeowners who want floors that are uniquely patterned and boldly expressive. From itty-bitty hexagons to miniature squares, tiny tiles are back in a big way.

“Mosaics are appealing because they can adapt to different period styles and can be used in so many applications; they’re both timeless and versatile,” says Keith Bieneman, owner of Heritage Tile in Oak Park, Ill. “They’re also wildly photogenic.”

The intricate tile pattern for this master bath was created by senior designer Chelsie Lee of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. (Photo by Christopher Sturman via The Washington Post)

He’s not kidding: Intricately tiled floors have been on the upswing in recent years, thanks in large part to the Instagram account @ihavethisthingwithfloors. Started by three Dutch friends who share a fondness for taking pictures of their footwear against striking floor patterns, the feed curates images of marzipan-hued mosaics from all over the world. For more than 812,000 followers, the timeworn entries of old hotels and hat shops from Lisbon to Los Angeles serve as a reminder to look down and appreciate the history beneath your feet.

Unsurprisingly, homeowners want to bring the vintage feel of the eye-catching tile they see elsewhere into their own homes. That some of these mosaics look as if they require an advanced degree in mathematics and an abundance of time to lay out only adds to their allure.

“There’s definitely an appreciation for the way things used to be made,” says Erin Oliver, vice president of Little Rock-based American Restoration Tile. “Mosaics aren’t fast and they don’t look like everything else on the market.”

According to Bieneman, mosaic tile first became popular in the United States in the late 1800s, when plumbing came indoors and the need for a sanitary surface became paramount for germ-obsessed Victorians. Porcelain flooring was imported from England, but as demand for indoor bathrooms grew, American manufacturers started to produce smaller unglazed porcelain tiles. Soon basket weave, penny-round and hex designs became ubiquitous in homes.

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His painting of Atatiana Jefferson’s final moments was displayed on the floor of the US House of Representatives

Nikkolas Smith Nikkolas Smith’s digital painting of Atatiana Jefferson and her nephew has been shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook.

She wears a wide smile, perhaps mid-laugh, as she sits on a couch next to a smiling boy. Their hands clutch remote controls to a video game. Their eyes reflect shared joy.

In the digital painting, artist Nikkolas Smith captures the “final, joyful moment” of a 28-year-old aunt who was gunned down in her home this month by a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, who’d been summoned for a welfare check.

“I wanted to paint the last thing pre-Med graduate Atatiana Jefferson was doing before she was killed by the cops,” he wrote in an Instagram message posted with his artwork.

Rather than capture Jefferson’s killing — truc tiep bong da for which the officer has been charged with murder — or the community protest that’s followed, Smith aimed to “show the humanity of the victim,” he told CNN on Tuesday.

His perspective has struck a chord.

The oil painting-like sketch of Jefferson and the 8-year-old nephew who witnessed her death is now the most-shared Facebook post by an artist whose images of the slain rapper Nipsey Hussle encouraging schoolkids and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in a hoodie also have captured widespread attention.

Extras Added to Last Beat of the Eighth Bar

Agile Evolution

Three-week scrum sprints are like 12 bar blues. The 12 bar chorus repeats. It is all call and response. It can be the audience calling for a number, the singer and guitarist playing against each other. In business terms it may be customer to business, product owner to team, tester to coder, DevOps to developer. Do you see the similarities?

The blues evolved into Jazz where there is more adaptability. The structure was not fixed as a chorus and extended to the American Standard format. There was a lot of experimentation with the modes and avant garde techniques that reminds me so, so much of the way that agile evolved from scrum to scrumban to kanban. I see this flow from Robert Johnson to Miles Davis to Ornette Coleman reflected in the methods.

Many of the world’s greatest classical players find it hard to emote with blues based music. Nicola Benedetti had this exact problem trying to master Wynton Marsalis’s concerto that he wrote for her. Many waterfall people had similar issues converting to the looser style of agile. And now there are people locked into agile. It is the new status quo. Will they be able to change when the new project methods come along?

The new style sprints – 2 week – are like pop. Some are like good AABA formatted songs. Nile Rogers style. They are usually UI driven JAM stacks with JSON objects mapping directly to the backend base, or should that be bass? It should be noted that there is a lot of sampling carried out in this web software development company style of development. There is a potential threat if the regulators bar Facebook or Google from providing free software. The trickle down effects could lead to IP issues similar to music sampling. It is possible if not probable.

Some sprints are like EDM structures. This is different to blues and AABA formats. app development company It is more Sonata in style. The drop does appear to take a long time. It is very similar to sprint delivery where the deployment is usually slower than the development or patch.

Other sprints I have experienced I am afraid to say are like the first eight bars of a four on the php development company floor dance track where there is an emphasis and extras added to last beat of the eighth bar. Mutton dressed as lamb composers that can’t get past the loop. Oh Well as Peter Green would say and play. They may be better suited to the classic rock style from whence they came.

Seven Scary Reasons You Shouldn’t Use a Free IPTV Service


Sixty-one percent of youthful grown-ups stream their preferred projects as opposed to utilize customary approaches to watch their TV appears. 

The on-request part of gushing administrations – both paid and unpaid – makes them perfect. With Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) you can pick what you watch and when to watch it. You can marathon watch your preferred shows or make up for lost time with the most sizzling film discharges. 

A considerable lot of individuals who stream their shows, nonetheless, aren't utilizing paid membership administrations. 

While free IPTV administrations sound like a fantasy, there are numerous frightening reasons why you ought to evade them. 

Seven Scary Reasons to Avoid Free IPTV Services 

To get to unpaid IPTV you have to utilize a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) first. This, in addition to the issues related with the free TV gushing administrations, opens you up to such huge numbers of dangers it's not worth the issue. 

1. Your Data Is Still Being Tracked 

The thought behind a VPN is to include namelessness and keep your information from being assembled by the locales you visit. 

The issue is that running a VPN costs a great deal of cash. The suppliers, regardless of whether they need to run a real free VPN administration for you, have to figure out how to profit. 

This occurs in two primary manners: 

1. You're exposed to adverts put wherever you look, or 

2. Your information is offered to outsiders. 

Utilizing a free VPN to get to unpaid IPTV means you're either going to confront a ton of adverts (which mess more up – more on that later), or your information will be sold. 

Not exclusively does the clearance of your information nullify the purpose of utilizing a VPN, however it additionally implies your information could be offered to the most elevated bidder. 

Rather than authentic information deals through showcasing organizations that are open for anyone to see (and quit) on a paid assistance, who realizes who has purchased your data? 

2. You Open Your Computer up to Hackers 

The associations utilized for unpaid IPTV administrations and free VPNs leave your PC, tablet, or telephone open to programmers. 

Opening up an unprotected association with access these gushing administrations implies you should put a neon sign up saying "hack me here!" 

A paid membership IPTV administration has appropriate conventions set up that free gushing administrations and VPNs won't offer. 

3. Advertisements Will Slow Your Streaming Down 

Just as profiting from the crazy number of advertisements you'll see when you utilize a free online video gushing assistance, they likewise influence spilling execution. 

The heap time is exceptionally long and your preferred show could without much of a stretch stop part of the way through to support as more advertisements load. 

4. Your IP Address May Still Be Logged 

Individuals utilize free VPNs and free spilling administrations to watch content since they realize that it's either totally unlawful or in the hazy area of the law, contingent upon their nation of habitation. 

You're attempting to shroud your area by utilizing workarounds, for example, a VPN. In any case, these administrations need to begin the server procedure some place, and that some place could be your own one of a kind IP address. 

At the point when that occurs, anyone can see your IP address on the server logs. 

A popular case can be seen with the ruin of Hola. This administration was generally touted as an extraordinary method to get to geo-focused on substance. For instance, a client in the UK could get to American recordings by utilizing Hola, which at that point logged an American IP address as the cause. 

The issue here, aside from unlawful spilling, was that Hola was offering data transfer capacity to outsiders. 

This implies the web data transfer capacity that YOU pay for is being taken up by another person. 

5. You're Risking Malicious Malware 

Have you at any point utilized a free spilling administration or a free VPN just to be looked with a mass of adverts? Or on the other hand more awful, the page appears to be fine however when you click anyplace, up pop a few new windows with promotions in them? 

Just as leaving your association powerless against programmers, malware can get introduced on your PC to follow movement you do – even disconnected – well after you quit utilizing the gushing assistance. 

Straightforward malware can reap data, for example, charge card numbers and passwords. It's simple for programmers to accumulate this information and use it to burn through the entirety of your cash, or more terrible, take your character on the web. 

Pernicious programming can likewise be basically that: a horrendous assault on your PC. Your PC or spilling gadget may end up contaminated with malware that undermines records. In extraordinary cases, you'll have to purchase another gadget as your contaminated one winds up unusable. 

Membership IPTV administrations profit from paying clients. They don't have to raise finances by means of faulty adverts so you're not putting yourself in danger of money related or wholesale fraud. 

6. End Users Can Be Sued for Distributing Content 

On the off chance that you figure you can't be sued for viewing gushed online substance, you have to reconsider. 

Pilfered video is never again observed by the specialists as something that has been downloaded to a gadget. Makers of video substance can sue the individuals who stream their substance through unapproved courses. 

In 2014, the producers of an Adam Sandler film sued individuals who had seen – not downloaded, yet gushed – the film illicitly. 

Keep in mind, the free gushing and VPN administrations you use don't simply open you up to programmers of the illicit kind. The specialists can go through those equivalent vulnerabilities to keep an eye on what you're doing. That incorporates survey spilled content without the suitable rights. 

7. Your Connection Could Be Hijacked for Bad Things 

You probably won't see your association being captured. It may feel somewhat slow, maybe, as another person is utilizing your data transfer capacity. 

Keep in mind the issue with Hola? Your IP address turns into the foundation of a VPN procedure. That implies another person can utilize the VPN administration with your IP as the root and whatever they do could resemble your movement. 

You could fall into difficulty for another person directing odious web movement since everything returns to your IP address. 

Safe Video Streaming Alternatives 

Presently you can perceive any reason why free melhor IPTV spilling administrations are an extremely impractical notion, it's a great opportunity to think about the options. 

There's extremely just one answer here: pay for your administrations. For only a little membership every month, you're shielding yourself from criminal behavior, wholesale fraud, and PC malware.

What Is So Fascinating About Laptop Repair Dubai?

All laptops are ideal for students on a several purpose. They have become an integral part of our lives. The laptop is going to be delivered at your location Our professional team has the most recent tools and instruments to supply superior laptop repair in Dubai. Take utmost attention of the display screen since it’s the most vulnerable portion of the laptop. As most laptops are not the same as others, laptop manufacturers offer repair guides on the web that someone can refer to in case of an issue with the laptop. 

A whole lot of folks think you are unable to repair a laptop and the reality is many things are rather simple to fix you just want the suitable Laptop Repair Course. Are you getting frustrated with your laptop and searching for a quick and trustable repair supplier! As an example, every laptop has a battery that is easily detached without touching the remainder of the laptop or opening a screw. A laptop is important for students and working individuals. Since one laptop is rather different from the other, it’s quite difficult to repair them in the very first location, or in the event of a replacement, locate a part for the particular kind of laptop. There are lots of self employed people who repair laptops and are many times a much more affordable option. If you are in need of a new laptop for a student in the family members or you desire a replacement laptop, then we will be able to help you discover the very best laptop at a fantastic price.

A good deal of individuals are converting over to laptops now they have gotten many more powerful and a good deal less expensive. My laptop was experiencing a good deal of BSOD’s. A laptop, after all, is an intricate machine with lots of of interconnected components. Waiving Repair In case your laptop demands quite a few extremely expensive parts that you can’t justify purchasing to repair an older laptop, you might back out of the Dell laptop repair with merely a diagnosis charge of $30 plus the price of return shipping or we might offer to buy your laptop for parts and waive the diagnosis fee. Because of the way that you use a laptop, there’s a high chance that you might wind up damaging it in some way or the other. A number of the best laptops have 8GB, which is a great amount for the majority of users.

Laptops arrive with various different operating system choices. To put it differently, as soon as your laptop passes away and you require quick, reliable outcomes, you need us. A laptop is an easy and compact computer. Finding the best laptops for your residence and business needs is an efficient way to secure more done in less time.

Whether you’ve broken your cell phone, tablet or laptop, you could always secure the very best repair deal from us. In reality, you won’t be requested to pay if we can’t restore your phone or laptop. Hence, it’s considerably expensive than nearly all of the other phones.

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