Balancing Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum
Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Balancing Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum

Conditions and firms skin while it heals and moisturizes.  Stimulates cell proliferation and improves skin performance. 

Our very first product! Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum is an oil-free, highly concentrated mixture of 19 herbs. The magical blend of healing and nourishing herbs replenish the skin with essential nutrients while stimulating cell proliferation and promoting improved skin. Our herbal moisturizer serum is a aqua herbal blend which includes bladderwrack, seaware and laminaria. These botanicals are known as superb moisturizers for their amphibious habits. Laminaria dries easily with amazing shrinkage and as it is absorbed into the skin it will hold and retain moisture. For centuries, calendula and chamomile have been invaluable for reducing inflammation. St. John’s wort has been traditionally used for chapped skin, wrinkles and as a general healing agent. Horsetail, high in silica content, is used as a texturizer and elasticizer. Organic comfrey is included for its flesh-forming substance and as a cell proliferant. Arnica is used for anti-blotchiness and anti-varicose properties. Our customers tell us Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum is also helpful for eczema, psoriasis, dry sores and hangnails. It also cools and comforts sunburned and windburned skin.

Who it’s for: People who both do not want oil in a moisturizer and people who
are struggling with blemishes and wrinkles. They need a cure for both with one product.

Why it works so well:
• Organic chamomile provides high anti-inflammatory benefits.
• Organic comfrey’s cell proliferate characteristics help your skin grow.
• Botanical complex of herbs balances oil and heals blemishes.