Calming Trial Pack
Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Calming Trial Pack


We go crazy for this company! Grown right on their own farm, these plants, flowers and ingredients used for their body, skincare could not be more fresh! They have a USDA Organic Certified laboratory on the premises, and Lily herself has been on the forefront of the organic skincare movement! This female visionary has perfected skincare, in our opinion!


Contains trial sizes of:

  • Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask .25oz — Helps to diminish fine lines and skin discoloration. Heals skin over-exposed to the sun. Exfoliates dead skin and stimulates new cell growth.
  • Sensitive Facial Cleanser (Unscented) .5oz — Guaranteed nonirritating for super sensitive skin. Gently removes dirt and debris.
  • Sensitive Facial Toner (Unscented) .5oz — Never irritates skin. Provides nourishment, toning and tightening of pores and adds new luster to sensitive skin.
  • Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream (Unscented) .25oz— Guaranteed non-irritating. Smooths, nourishes and moisturizes sensitive skin. Helps prevent lines caused by premature aging.
  • Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment (Unscented) .25oz — This highly penetrating oil prevents premature aging.