Grass-fed Cow Ear

Grass-fed Cow Ear

White Oak Pastures Grassfed cattle play an important role in our Serengeti Rotational Grazing model. Our cattle freely roam our farm completely unconfined, eating sweet, native Georgia grasses, and are never treated with antibiotics or steroids. Our cattle are 100% Grassfed and grass finished, harvested and hand butchered on our farm, and are a Step 4 in the Global Animal Partnership.

Our dehydrated cow ears make great, medium-lasting chews that your pets will love! They're soaked in a sodium hydroxide & water solution to loosen the hair follicles, rinsed and scraped by hand before being placed in a dehydrator for approximately 24 hours.

*Sold individually

All orders will ship, vacuum sealed, from our farm in Bluffton, Georgia in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice. Orders will be delivered frozen or very cold to the touch, depending on the time in transit.